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26 December 2006 @ 12:00 pm
puppihor921: Do you want to cyber something really dirty and humiliating for me, sir?
puppihor921: You could be my daddy and you could make me service my fifteen year-old brother and his friends
puppihor921: You could make me get in a little pink dog collar and with a little tail
puppihor921: And get me on all fours, starting spanking my butt hard with a newspaper and drive me on all four like a puppy down the hallway
puppihor921: into his room where he's playing with his friends
MAN: Right now you will only service me and my Dog, but fetch the video camera first.
puppihor921: Yes, sir, I scamper down the hallway like a good little girl to get your video camera and tripod. I am wearing pink courderoy short shorts and a pink and white striped baby tee, thin pink cotton panties, pink socks with frilly ankles
puppihor921: And I scamper back like a good girl with the camera and your tripod, Here you go, daddy! My voice is high and supergirly and dripping with female servility
MAN: get your bunny costume whore.
puppihor921: Yes, sir, and I scamper off again, stripping off my clothes, tripping on my pink panties and falling over with a cute little oof! I change and come back, with big floppy white fuzzy bunny ears with pink silk insides on my head, and a little pink leather belt, quarter of an inch thick, with a big fluffy rabbit tail hanging over my naked butt. I've got on a little white furry bow tie on a pink ribbon and a pair of fuzzy white rabbit feet, way oversized, and prevented me from walking very well. I hop out of the hallway into the living room.
puppihor921: Bouncing, my boobs bouncing with every hop and my big fluffy tail bouncing, too
MAN: the camera is set upp and running when you come back. come and have this carrot bunnyslut
puppihor921: I hop up to you, all bouncy, and I look at you with my big blue eyes. Take it where, daddy?
puppihor921: Where do you want me to take the carrot, daddy?
MAN: in your mouth to start.
MAN: as I unzip and pull out my cock.
puppihor921: I take the carrot you have into my mouth, wrapping my sparkly pink fat lips around it, the orange vegetable
MAN: once you get in nice and wet I take the carrot from you and shove it into your ass
puppihor921: I squeal. Eek! And grind my cute tiny little butt back against the carrot, taking it inside like a good girl
puppihor921: Thank you, daddy!
puppihor921: I squeak
MAN: Now suck on my cock
MAN: I work the carrot in and out of your ass
puppihor921: I get down on my knees really fast like a good bunny girl and start sucking, my wet hot mouth sucking around your cock, velvet and warm, sucking with my big lips, my floppy bunny ears wobbling as I start sucking hard
MAN: all your squeaking has attracted Wolf my dog and he starts trying to eat the carrot in your ass.
puppihor921: Mmmm, I squeak and squeal as his long tongue licks along my bare little girl's ass crack and grind my hot little butt back against him, still sucking your long cock with my mouth. His snout snuffles down just below my bunny tail, and I moan a little, squeaking.
MAN: as he starts to pull the carrot from your ass chews and nibbles careless teeth biting you
puppihor921: Eek! I'd squeak extra hard and jump, his sharp teeth nipping hard at my butt, I'd be wiggling, trying to avoid the nips even though I know you like it when he nips me, when I squeal and squirm like a girl having an orgasm
puppihor921: And I don't stop sucking your long cock, just squealing around your cock, squriming on my knees
MAN: it's not long before wolf has eaten all the carrot and is now klicking you frantically.
puppihor921: That's better and I spread my legs as wide as I can while still keeping your throbbing cock in my mouth, humping my hips back against his wet, probing tongue, and grunting a little, my face deeply blushing.
MAN: wolf's cock is all hard and he tries to mount you but he can't get it in.
puppihor921: I moan a little bit, still slurping on your cock like a good little slut, humping back against him, trying to orient my hips so he can mount my properly. I'm sucking you really hard, blushing like a hooker, and dripping wet. I look so silly in my little bunny costume, wet and horny, with a dog trying to hump me and a cock in my mouth
MAN: help hi, slut put his cock where it belongs.
puppihor921: I do what you tell me to and I tak your cock out of my mouth for a moment and I help him, setting up my butt just right, and Wolf enters me, his deep red doggie cock sliding into my pussy really fast. He starts fucking me and I immediately start moaning. You can hear my snatch drooling with my arousal as he fucks me and I start sucking your cock again, sucking it hard like a good daughter
MAN: mmm . i stroke your hair then pull out so i can grab the camera and film itr properly.
MAN: We're going to send a copy to all your friends
MAN: Tell them what wolf is doing to you.
puppihor921: I'm on all fours, now, and Wolf is fucking my soaking wet pussy. Wetness is drooling out of my pussy like saliva, which is drooling out of my mouth, and I'm grunting as Wolf fucks me. You can see his red cock fucking my pussy, sliding out, nearly all the way, and slamming back deep inside me, evoking grunts and moans from me, making my titties bounce and my floppy bunny ears wiggle.
puppihor921: I'm humping back against the dog's cock, pushing back against, trying to cum, and he's pretty excited, scrabbling on my back with his claws and spastically fucking me really hard, moaning and sometimes barking. I squeak like a bunny, blushing with arousal.
MAN: Do you like getting fucked by wolf? Tell all your girlfirends why they should do what you do.
puppihor921: When I respond, my voice is ragged and bouncing with every thrust of Wolf: Yes, sir, I love getting fucked by your doggie, this little bunny is a good girl, daddy, I'm a good little cotton tail. All girls should let their daddy's dogs fuck them because it is good for a girl to remember her place, daddy.
MAN: Don't tell me tell them.
puppihor921: All you girls need to let daddy's dogs fuck you because just the fact that daddy would let his dog fuck you should make you glow with pride that you're allowed the privilege of being fucked by a dog. You're dumb just like me because girlies have small brains and are inferior to anything with a cock and I know we all wish we had penises but we don't so we are dumb little brainless bimbos who exist to serve!
puppihor921: We're trashy little sluts and we exist on the sufferance of males and we shouldn't forget that and because we are so inferior to them we should try to please them in every way we can.
MAN: does getting used make you cum whore?
puppihor921: Yes, sir, being used makes me cum, daddy
MAN: i want you to show them how good it feels to be fucked by a big dog
MAN: Talk dirty for the camera like the good litle pornstar you are.
puppihor921: It feels so good, girlies, and I hump back against the big doggie like I was told, trying to make myself cum, blushing deeply and squeaking and moaning like a dirty little slut. Oh, daddy, look at your doggie fuck your little bunny, look at me performing so blatantly for you, sir, so shamelessly. Look how dumb and inferior I am, daddy, I am a brainless whore and I love being fucked by thje doggie. Woof woof! Look, I'm a bunny!
MAN: I think woldf is close tell them when he cums in you.
puppihor921: Oof, mmm, and I'm grunting while he fucks me, then he starts cumming, jerkily humping my pussy, making my fluffy tail bounce as he starts cumming, spraying my pussy with his thick, white cum, and some of it starts drooling out of my pussy, and I start cumming at the wet, dirty feeling in my crotch, grunting like a whore and squealing whorishly, my snatch spasming around the thick doggie cock, and he winds down, the thick knot entering my pussy, and he turns around, swiveling his hips, and lying down, dragging my hips down to the floor as he flops down with a sigh. It'll be twenty minutes before he disentangles from my pussy, letting all that cum spew out.
MAN: show the camera with his cock in you
MAN: spread your legs
MAN: (when was the last time you really fucked a dog)
puppihor921: (yesterday)
MAN: tell me all about it
puppihor921: I do what you say, spreading my legs, still moaning, and dripping from my pussy, exposing the tie between me and Wolf to the camera.
MAN: you love being trapped on his cock don't you
puppihor921: I'm panting like a dog myself, my floppy bunny ears flopping around. Yes, daddy,.
MAN: tell me about yesterday
puppihor921: It was in the morning, daddy, and I was cleaning the kitchen like a good little girl when he came up and started growling low and nipping my butt in my shorts like he does when he's horny.
puppihor921: So I skinned down my panties and my shorts and bent over a chair for him, and he mounted me and started fucking.
MAN: I bet that made you wet
puppihor921: Mmm, yes.
puppihor921: He doesn't usually knot with me, so he pulls out after cumming and I do what I was told a long time ago and clean up all the cum with my mouth and tongue off the floor
MAN: mmm when wolf's know goes away you should clean up your pussy and eat all his cum
puppihor921: Are you hard, daddy?
MAN: oh yes
puppihor921: (Are you having a good time?)
MAN: (very good)
MAN: Do you want me to tell your master you're doing a good job?
puppihor921: Oh, yes, sir.
MAN: is he on now?
puppihor921: No, he's in the other room.
MAN: make me cum and then if he feels like i'll tell him, and tell him i requested pictures of you.
puppihor921: I have to go really soon, daddy, how can I make you cum?
MAN: bounce on my cock like a good bunny slut
puppihor921: When Wolf's cock pulls out, thick, cooling doggie cum drools out onto the linoleum, and I immediately swivel on my hands and knees, licking up all the cool dog cum on the floor, scooping it into my wet mouth with my hands. I crawl over to you and shove my face down into the floor, pressing it hard into the dirty floor, and present you with my ass. Daddy, will you fuck my booty butt, plz?
MAN: I will but you have to put my cock where it belongs
puppihor921: I reach back with my soft hands for your cock, trying to guide you into my wet little asshole
MAN: my head slips in and then i shove it in hard
MAN: talk dirty for the camera bunny slut
puppihor921: God I am such a stupid dirty little whore, a piece of trailer trash. A dog made me cum for my daddy, and I loved having the doggie cock deep in my little girlie pussy
MAN: do you love daddy's cock in your ass more?
puppihor921: Oh yes daddy I love your cock deep in my ass
puppihor921: Show your little girl who's boss
MAN: I slam my cock in hard and fast spanking you with everythrust
MAN: your my bunnywhore
MAN: Dirty slut who needs to raped day nad night aren;t you
puppihor921: Oooh, I squeal like a little slut while you fuck me, yes daddy yes daddy, fuck your little bunny slut
puppihor921: Fuck me little cottontail
puppihor921: I'm a little cottontail slut
MAN: Mmm I'm close just keep talking
puppihor921: Imagine me down there on all fours being fucked by a dog
puppihor921: How humiliating that is
puppihor921: But I am glad to do it for you
puppihor921: I'm such a horny little bunny
puppihor921: Fuck the little bunny butt
MAN: cummmming
puppihor921: ooooooo
puppihor921: daddy, cum in my booty
MAN: mmm yes filling your booty with cum
puppihor921: mmmmmmmmmm
puppihor921: squealy squealy
MAN: Are you going to cum again.?
puppihor921: Mmm, yes, I did, sir
puppihor921: I had a little tiny girl orgasm
puppihor921: Not like your big boy orgasm!
MAN: mmm do you need me to tell your master you were a good slut? or would you just pass on the message.
puppihor921: If you want to chat with him for a few minutes you can, but I have to go.
MAN: If he wants to chat then i'll say hi
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enjoystheshowenjoystheshow on December 26th, 2006 06:06 pm (UTC)
moonlitcabaret: Stroke Itmoonlitcabaret on December 26th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC)

Yu are sooo fucking hott!!!!!!!

I want to role play the one where you serice your brother and his friends. I want to watch (read) how you take all their young cocks inside you!!!!!!!!!!

hardrock805hardrock805 on January 15th, 2007 12:54 pm (UTC)
I would love to have my cock knot in your sexy asshole and make you lay there till I go soft and come out !!!
fesiblingfesibling on April 4th, 2007 04:09 pm (UTC)
service your master like i do ?
my master is my brother

and my mistress is "c"

celestine, my bro is called REX

and the dog is called 'rex'

and they all get to fuck me

and i love it ... would you like to read how ??
cuddlyjanecuddlyjane on August 16th, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
Still good after all these months
NJMmckenzie3nick on August 18th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
oh this is just LOVELY! i would love to read more of your stuff. add?