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26 January 2007 @ 12:00 am
me: did you miss wolf puppy?
[22:11] puppihor921: mm, yes, sir, i missed wolf, daddy
[22:12] puppihor921:
MAN: i want you to take care of wolf with your mouth
[22:12] puppihor921:
[22:14] puppihor921: I get down on my hands and knees, and I scamper over to Wolf.
MAN: he licks your face then turns away
[22:15] puppihor921: I'm wearing my hot pink ruffly rhumba panties and my matching hot pink baby tee, and my little butt is up in the air, like a puppy bitch in heat, and and I respond to the lick with a soft little squeak, "Oh, you're such a good boy, Wolfie, yes, yes, you are," and my voice is very girly and bubbly and low. I kiss him on the snout with my sparkly soft pink glossy lips.
MAN: mmm i pish up your t shirt to expose yourtits
MAN: play with wolf's cock puppy
[22:18] puppihor921: My breasts hang low, like soft little pink udders, and I obey, searching for his cock, which is growing, long and narrow and pink, with my hand, pink sparkly nail polish at the end of each finger. I find it and begin to stroke it obediently as it grows. "Good boy!"
MAN: tell me how much you like wolf's cock
MAN: i run my hand over your ass then spank it
[22:21] puppihor921: "Oh, daddy, I love Mr. Wolfie's cock, it's so long and warm, mmm," I say, rubbing my wet lips together and closing my eyes, dusted with pink eyeshadow. "I love it!" I squeal, like a little girl, and then I squeak loudly when you slap my ass, my little round butt underneath those pink ruffly panties, "Oh, daddy!" and I correct myself "I love Wolfie's cock so, so muchie, daddy."
MAN: why do you love it puppy
[22:23] puppihor921: "I love Wolfie's cock, daddy, because it makes me feel sooo good to serve it, daddy sir, I love having Wolfie's cock inside of me, it makes me feel so warm and happy, daddy. I love knowing he's in charge, daddy, and that he's owning me."
MAN: well tonight i own you and you just please wolfie with your mouth
MAN: did you click the link?
[22:25] puppihor921: (yes, sir)
MAN: did you start to download the movie?
[22:26] puppihor921: (yes, sir)
[22:28] puppihor921: I start doing what I know you want me to do, and I move my pigtailed head down to Wolf's long, pink cock, angling it up, and I put it in my mouth, wrapping my sparkly lips around the dog's cock, closing my eyes momentarily for effect and sighing deeply.
MAN: mmm i pull down your panties and arub the head of my cock over your clit
MAN: giving you another spank
MAN: you want it puppy? tell me how much you love having two cocks at once?
[22:32] puppihor921: My pussy is dripping wet, and a thick string drools down to the floor. I moan softly when you rub the head of your cock against my clit, and I break my mouth's contact with Wolf's cock for a moment to say, "Oh, daddy, put it in me, I love having twoo cocks at the same time," and I put my mouth back down over Wolf's cock, slurping at his cock, jumping, startled, when you slap my ass again, your own little piece of property.
MAN: i shove my cock in hard
[22:34] puppihor921: I moan deeply as your cock slides into my pussy fully, grinding my pussy and hips back against your pubic bone, my little blonde pigtailed head bobbing up and down on Wolf's cock.
[22:37] puppihor921: Mmmmm
[22:37] puppihor921: (you there?)
MAN: yes had to lose my pants
[22:38] puppihor921: (are you enjoying yourself?)
MAN: i reach around and grab your by the tits pull you back on my my cock
MAN: i am
MAN: are you?
MAN: i wolf is bucking
MAN: rolling your nipples between my fingers suck his cum puppy
MAN: drink uop that dog cum
MAN: you want desert don;t you?
[22:41] puppihor921: I moan deeply as you pull me back, fucking my pussy slowly and deeply, and I clench my cunt around your cock, wiggling my butt cheeks to give you a bit of a show, wiggling them like a stripper might, and Wolf is standing up now, bucking softly against my head, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth as he humps my soft mouth, panting and licking my neck, nipping my shoulders. I'm moaning constantly now, my back blushing as I approach orgasm.
MAN: you better beg me to cum puppy
MAN: remember you're all mine
[22:43] puppihor921: I can feel my skin tingling, and I grunt in the back of my throat as Wolf starts cumming, thrusting his long narrow rod into my mouth, slipping out jerkily and sometimes spraying a thick jet of dogcum onto my carefully madeup cheek. He whines highly before sitting down, licking my open mouth once, and then himself. I'm moaning, keening, and I start beggining you to let me cum on your cock.
MAN: wolf cums hard filling your mouth
[22:43] puppihor921: "Oh, daddy, please let your little puppy cum, please, I'm such a dirty little slut." My voice is still thick with Wolf's cum, dripping out of my mouth and down my chin onto the floor.
MAN: if you cum now you better be able to cum again
MAN: are you a good whore who can over and over again for daddy?
[22:44] puppihor921: "Oh, yes, daddy, I'm a horny little puppy and I can cum lots and lots, daddy, yes, daddy, please."
MAN: i reach around and pinch your clit
MAN: cum right now then puppy
[22:46] puppihor921: "Unghhhhhhhh," I grunt, humping back against your cock hard like a bitch in heat, my pussy clenching around you, the heat radiating off of my flushed, panting body as I cum, the waves of pleasure washing over me. My eyes roll back a little; a little cum drips down my neck. "Oooooohhh......"
MAN: thats it pully cum
MAN: cum hard puppy
[22:48] puppihor921: mmmmmmmmmm
[22:48] puppihor921: i just came
MAN: mmm good talk dirty i'm close
MAN: puppy
MAN: ?
[22:50] puppihor921: I bask in the afterglow, still humping my hips back against your cock, jiggling my butt cheeks like the little slut I am. "Oh, daddy, fuck your little daughter, daddy, you made your little puppy cum. I came because you told me to, sir, because it pleased you for me to cum, and I'm so grateful, daddy." I continue: "Wolfie's cummie tastes so good in my mouth, daddy, it tastes so good," and I bend down, licking the cool cum off of the floor, slurping at it, making obscene sounds and moaning. "I'm such a dirty little bitch, daddy, a dirty little bitch in heat."
[22:50] me: who'se the best fuck you ever got puppy?
[22:52] puppihor921: "The best fuck I ever got was a nice pitbull, sir."
MAN: tell me about it
MAN: i'm so close
[22:52] puppihor921: "He completely owned me, sir, showed me my place. He knocked me over and nipped hard at my butt, made me squeak and squeal, and I was crawling along the floor, my butt in the air, and he was nipping at my butt cheeks with his sharp teeth.
MAN: where did you find this pit bull?
[22:55] puppihor921: "It belonged to a boy I was fucking, sir, and he told me that he was going to let his pitbull fuck me, daddy. It was my first time, and I resisted, but he convinced me, told me that he loved me, said it would be beautiful, so I let him, and it was so humiliating, sir, and the dog was very rough and the whole time the boy laughed at me and pinched the cheeks on my face, which were blushing and red from pleasure and humiliation."
MAN: is daddy as good as that pit bull?
[22:55] puppihor921: "And he said, 'You're such a dirty little bitch, I don't love you, I own you, you little puppy whore.' And he laughed at me when I just moaned and grunted while his dog fucked me."
[22:56] puppihor921: "And then he told me to bark like a little puppy, and he slapped my face, and he told me again, and I did, daddy, I went, "Arp! Arp! Arpie arp arp!"
[22:56] puppihor921: Oh, yes, daddy
MAN: i'm cumming puppy
[22:57] puppihor921: mmmmmm
MAN: filling you up so that it drips onto the floor
MAN: clean it up and then go to my room it's time for you to make some porn
puppihor921: "Yes, sir," I moan softly, turning around, still down on all fours, my ruffly panties tangled up around my ankles, and I bend down to lick up your still warm cum off of the floor, cleaning it all up with my tongue.
grauengelgrauengel on January 28th, 2007 01:34 pm (UTC)
Very interesting story, little slut. Posting it online for the world just shows what a whore you are.
The last party was especially interesting, when you told how you were raped by the boy you trusted and his dog. You should do a post on that and how you became such a dirty little fuck.
BlkCrueltblkcruelt on February 1st, 2007 06:21 am (UTC)
I want your throat.
cuddlyjanecuddlyjane on February 1st, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
You love pink just as much as I do! Although I haven't fucked so many dogs :)
Jarekshatterwithin on February 14th, 2007 05:14 am (UTC)
VERY hot. I added you. Add back?
deviantmale2udeviantmale2u on March 31st, 2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
oh I think I love you darlin ! Please add?

enjoystheshowenjoystheshow on April 3rd, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmm Nice!

I enjoyed that very much.

Mmmmm I do se love hearing about how much you loved it. *grin* I really got off on reading about what a slutly little puppy you are!
fesiblingfesibling on April 4th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
i do tha same
for my master and to

my mistress and the

more decadent the better

like sucking his cum

out of her pussy

or her sucking his cock

after it has been deep inside me ^grin^
dexplorer on April 17th, 2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
Such a suby suby slut.
Such a suby, suby slut.

Such a slutty, slutty sub.

You're a useful little bitch, I'll give you that. You made me real hard.

I added you. Now add me back.

Now make me come my hot little slut. So much service to SO many men.